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In this edition we have a Jay Freestyle, Raimo Marti, Sandra Dauksh y Robert Tufeanu live tattooing and collaborating


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seminar, tattoo artist, Germany, tattoo artist, tattoos, tattoo design, Tätowierer, Tattoos, Tattoodesign, book tattoo, book design

Limited edition-1000 copies-

We present the most current Global selection of the best tattooists in the world.


Global tattoo magazine is proud to present the first, long-awaited publication of our book, The greatest artists of tattoos, a project that brings together a complete anthology of the professional career of more than 100 tattoo artists from around the world.
In the Greatest Artists of tattoos, you will find a huge selection of images of tattoos and artworks which it had never been published in a form of a book before. We will captivate generations of spectators from around the world. The Greatest Artists of Tattoos series presents the latest and most avant-garde work of the most creative tattooists on the
planet.Includes an interesting mix of tattoos, paintings, draws, sketches, inspirational sentences from established tattoo artists from around the world.



Some of the collaborating: 

Benjamin Laukis - Moni Marino - Alex De Pase - Raimo Marti - Ivano Natale - Miguel Bohigues - Russ Abbott - Arlo Tattoos - Boris - Steve Butcher  -  Peter Lagergren - Joe Capobianco - Volko - Yomico Moreno - Neon Judas - Mike Cole - Levgen - Karol Rybkowskia - Tofi - Kari Barba - Mario Hartmann - Julian Siebert - Jess Yenn - Jessie Smith - Gorsky - Emanuel Oliveira - Eliot Kohek - Derek Turcotte - Veronique Imbo - Den Yakovlev  - Andrea Afferni - Frank La Natra - Heath Clifford - Heng Yue - Igor Mitrenga - Ilya Fom - Aaron Della Vedoba - Adriaan Machete - Ben Kaye - James Strickland - Justin Harris - Matt Curzon - Michael Cloutier - Mitchell Allenden - Alexey Moroz - Natalie Nox - Nathan Evans - Q Tattoos - Mumia and 57 more artists | y 57 artistas mas.


more than 200 unique artworks of the world best tattooer | more than 100 tattoos | more than 100 artworks | more than 100 inspirational phrases. Everything from the best tattooer of the world!


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Plant a Tree


How this project started?

Since I was a father, I change my point of view about some things, let's say a change of perspective. I think we all ask ourselves, the same question, What will we leave to our children, to the future? Species in extinction, several already extinct, said in numbers, in the last 20 years 27 species have become extinct, these are alarming numbers. And I always ask myself the same question, with so many ONGs, associations, people involved, etc? How is it progressing so quickly? And then the next question: What can I do? It's impossible to change the world, and if, no matter how much I think about it, I probably won't do it. But I think one way to change the world, at least my world, is to teach my children some ecological values which are unbreakable, because they will follow in our footsteps, so we can make better generations. Seen from that point of view, it can be done.


Some time ago I moved to the countryside, because I thought it was best for them to escape a little from the city. I always liked to be surrounded by green, natural green, I like the land, I like the landscape they create, breathe their air ...

It is common knowledge that every summer in Spain entire forests are burned down, and the importance of them is vital to us.

So I said to myself, why not plant a tree for every magazine sold? In this way to return an immense percentage to nature, since the amount of "tree" used to make a magazine is minimal., Only a third of the fibre used comes from whole trees, the rest is sawdust, chips, and even recycled fibres

According to data published by the American Forest & Paper Association in its A Tree for Each American, a lot of wood approximately 2.4 meters wide, 2.2 meters deep and 2.2 meters high, which weighs approximately 2 tons and of which between 15 to 20% is water, will give the following amounts: 

500 -1,000 kg. of paper (depends on the process)

942 books/magazine de 100 pages

In this way everything begins, and for the next edition, I will tell you how to follow these, if you want to help, then I make it easy, go to and you will see the edition of the magazine, it does not matter if you already have it, because in the purchase process, you can tell me what edition number you want. You will not pay more for the magazine, it is all included, VAT, shipping by post, and the tree ;)



Our website is SAFE for card payment, but you can also do it by PAYPAL or bank transfer. I LOOK FOR YOUR COLLABORATION, Greetings and thank you for reading me!

Federico Harbaruk

Ceo y Founder of Global Tattoo Magazine