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By Joe Capobianco 

Extremely Special Edition .

Why Joe Capobianco?

Well, where to start? I consider him a great artist and a great person. For me in particular (like many others) he was a reference when I started in the industry. He was one of the first, if not the first, to call my attention to his work. He impacted me so much that I had a design made by a friend in Argentina. For this reason, I wanted it to be the first of these extremely special editions. Here is a preview of our conversations.

This is how the conversation of this beautiful interview began:

What should NOT have a tattoo magazine?

I think it’s very important for tattoo magazines to look for new talent and styles. I don’t think that social media should dictate all that we see. Therefore just increasing the popularity of an already “Hot”/“Trendy” tattoo artist or style.
I’d like to see the magazines become what they once were. The printed historical record of our trade. Not the algorithm-driven shit that social media shoved down our throats.

What should a tattoo magazine talk about?

I think a bit of tattoo history is very important. Especially in a day and age when most tattooers don’t ever do any research of their own. If I hear one more person (many of which are experienced trendy tattooers) say that they think Ed Hardy was only a T-shirt designer. Having no idea of his past in our trade. I’m gonna puke.
I can’t say that I know all about the past of this trade personally. But I know a bunch, & I’m always interested in learning more.
I also think that talking about some of the politics of saying Healthy, and Safety procedures, medical supply companies, and of course a hot topic that effects are all. The safety and manufacturing of our tattoo pigments. And how the government is stepping in to greatly affect our trade (not for the better I fear).

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