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We are the most inspiring magazine in the tattoo world.

a great artist collaborates with us in this edition!!

Limited Print Edition


Book Format

Here is a preview of what you will find inside our magazine, the most special to date.


What makes this edition special?

It is an edition with 260 pages, a section with very exclusive designs that are great to get tattooed, a new section of tattooed models, we have more than 100 artists from all over the world that do it very well, each artist has two pages and in addition to photos of their work, they tell us their point of view about the tattooing industry. 

An interview and collaboration of a great exponent of our industry, such as Jay Freestyle. 


100 Tattooists (200 pages) of good artistic level, besides showing their best works, they give us advice and point of view about the tattoo world

small preview

We release a section, with 14 designs to decorate your body and your walls.

The art of photography

Excellent photographs of beautifully tattooed models.

100 artists with great talent


It will only be on sale until January 28, then you will no longer get it.


Remember, that this edition will arrive at you approximately on March 20th.


We take care of the planet, we print only the magazines that people buy and always with sustainable paper, certified with FSC.

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