GTM by Teresa Sharpe "10th Anniversary"

Teresa is a great tattoo artist in the world of tattooing. In the next volume of our book, you will know in depth his artistic side as no one has ever shown it to you.

We are the most inspiring book in the tattoo world.

a great artist collaborates with us in this edition!!

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Global Tattoo Magazine is proud to present the highly anticipated publication of our book, GTM, by Teresa Sharpe "10th Anniversary" a project that brings together a complete anthology of the career of 60 tattoo artists from 20 countries. In GTM by Teresa Sharpe "10th Anniversary," you will find a monumental selection of images that had never been published before in a form of a book.


It's history in volumes to be collected every month, from the tattoo exponents, and we will captivate generations of viewers from all over the world.


"10th Anniversary" series! It presents the most recent and The Avant-Garde work of the most creative tattoo artists in Europe. GTM by Teresa Sharpe "10th Anniversary" includes an interesting mix of consecrated tattoo artists who work with a wide variety of techniques."

GTM by Teresa Sharpe


It will only be on sale until August 22th, then you will no longer get it.


Remember, that this edition will arrive at you approximately on 👉 September 12th. 


We take care of the planet, we print only the books that people buy and always with sustainable paper, certified with FSC.

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GTM by Teresa Sharpe

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