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The amazing tattoo studios 

The design of tattoo studios presents very special challenges and tones for the artist. Individual preferences, requirements and tastes become a priority when designing an art studio. It is the delicate task of capturing all the emotions and practical needs to make it a home, as each tattoo artist spends more hours in his studio than in his own home.


This edition brings together more than 40 tattoo studios, presented by their talented owners. It is a sample of architecture at its most elementary and intimate level that takes into account the daily routines of work, also, is the space for social relationships and personal experiences of each client.

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The greatest artist of tattoos (220 pages)

220 pages|  20 x 27,5 cm

ISBN (978-84-697-9780-8)

Multilingual edition: German, Spanish, English and Italian


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We present the most current Global selection of the best tattooists in the world.

Global tattoo magazine is proud to present the first, long-awaited publication of our book, The greatest artists of tattoos, a project that brings together a complete anthology of the professional career of more than 100 tattoo artists from around the world.
In the Greatest Artists of tattoos, you will find a huge selection of images of tattoos and artworks which it had never been published in a form of a book before. We will captivate generations of spectators from around the world. The Greatest Artists of Tattoos series presents the latest and most avant-garde work of the most creative tattooists on the planet.Includes an interesting mix of tattoos, paintings, draws, sketches, inspirational sentences from established tattoo artists from around the world.


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Suscripción por 6 ediciones

¿Sabes que tatuarte? ¿Con quien tatuarte? Nosotros te echamos una mano. Revista de 100 paginas con el mejor contenido. Entrevistas, notas, diseños, chica de portada, galería fotográfica con tatuadores nacionales e internacionales, y mucho mas. Suscribete por solo 24€  IVA y envió incluido, 6 ediciones impresas. Recibela cada 2 meses, donde tus nos digas. EN OPCIONES, DINOS A PARTIR DE QUE EDICIÓN LA QUIERES.


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GLB Tattoo International Magazine

El escaparate europeo de tatuadores.

Encontraras una excelente selección de tatuadores, con las ultimas tendencias en tatuajes.

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