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I am pleased to invite you to be part of the publication of my new book "TATTOO QUEENS, a beautiful selection".


I was lucky enough to work for 16 years making books and magazines of what I am passionate about, "the tattoo" this beautiful industry allowed me to travel and meet wonderful people around the world, even start a family.  This is my third book, about the female tattooed figure with a sexy and sometimes erotic touch. I want to use Kickstarter for the first time because it gives me an idea of how many books I will be able to make, and to be able to keep the publication costs low, and above all, it is an incredible way to be able to interact in real time with people who are interested in my new book. I hope that together we can keep this unique and custom art form alive, along with our freedom of expression.


If you support my project, I will show you the publication process of the book you will receive. I take care of everything personally, both the design, the selection of the models, and the journalistic part.


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seminar, tattoo artist, Germany, tattoo artist, tattoos, tattoo design, Tätowierer, Tattoos, Tattoodesign, book tattoo, book design

We present the most current Global selection of the best tattooists in the world.


Global tattoo magazine is proud to present the first, long-awaited publication of our book, The greatest artists of tattoos, a project that brings together a complete anthology of the professional career of more than 100 tattoo artists from around the world.
In the Greatest Artists of tattoos, you will find a huge selection of images of tattoos and artworks which it had never been published in a form of a book before. We will captivate generations of spectators from around the world. The Greatest Artists of Tattoos series presents the latest and most avant-garde work of the most creative tattooists on the
planet.Includes an interesting mix of tattoos, paintings, draws, sketches, inspirational sentences from established tattoo artists from around the world.








ES: Presentamos la selección de Global más actual de los mejores tatuadores del mundo. Global Tattoo Magazine se enorgullece de presentar la primera, y muy esperada publicación, de nuestro libro, The Greatest Artists of Tattoos un proyecto que reúne una completa antología de la trayectoria profesional de más de 100 artistas del tatuaje de todo el mundo. En The Greatest Artists of Tattoos te encontraras con una monumental selección de imágenes de tatuajes y obras de arte, que nunca antes habían sido publicadas en forma de libro. Cautivaremos a generaciones de espectadores de todo el mundo. La serie de The Greatest Artists of Tattoos presenta la obra más reciente y vanguardista de los tatuadores más creativos del planeta. Incluye una interesante mezcla de tatuajes, pinturas, dibujos, bocetos, frases inspiradoras de artistas del tatuaje consagrados de todo el mundo.



Algunos de los artistas colaboradores:

Benjamin Laukis - Moni Marino - Alex De Pase - Raimo Marti - Ivano Natale - Miguel Bohigues - Russ Abbott - Arlo Tattoos - Boris - Steve Butcher  -  Peter Lagergren - Joe Capobianco - Volko - Yomico Moreno - Neon Judas - Mike Cole - Levgen - Karol Rybkowskia - Tofi - Kari Barba - Mario Hartmann - Julian Siebert - Jess Yenn - Jessie Smith - Gorsky - Emanuel Oliveira - Eliot Kohek - Derek Turcotte - Veronique Imbo - Den Yakovlev  - Andrea Afferni - Frank La Natra - Heath Clifford - Heng Yue - Igor Mitrenga - Ilya Fom - Aaron Della Vedoba - Adriaan Machete - Ben Kaye - James Strickland - Justin Harris - Matt Curzon - Michael Cloutier - Mitchell Allenden - Alexey Moroz - Natalie Nox - Nathan Evans - Q Tattoos - Mumia and 57 more artists | y 57 artistas mas.

+ de 200 obras únicas de los mejores artistas del mundo | +100 Tattoos | +100 artworks | +100 frases inspiradoras

y todo esto de los mejores tatuadores del mundo.

more than 200 unique artworks of the world best tattooer | more than 100 tattoos | more than 100 artworks | more than 100 inspirational phrases. Everything from the best tattooer of the world!