Learn, Grow, Improve.

March 2 and 3 in Madrid.

Hotel Elegance Getafe.

Workshop, tatuajes, Jay Freestyle, Raimo Marti, Sandra Dauksh, Robert Tufeanu

Reserva de Plaza.

150€ que se descuentan del valor total de la plaza (450€) Total a pagar en el hotel 300€

150,00 €

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Hotel Elegance Getafe - Madrid - España

One answer can make a difference.


Learn, Grow, Improve.


4 live tattoo artists, 4 different styles, 4 unique styles.


Held in Madrid on the 2nd and 3rd of March.


This edition has 4 tattoo icons, none other than Jay Freestyle, Raimo Marti, Robert Tufeanu, and Sandra 


Different styles, with the same result, an excellent tattoo. 


The seminar will be translated from English to Spanish, the duration of each seminar will be from 3 to 4 hours approximately, photos and videos of the seminar can be made. We provide water, pens, paper, Global magazines, and the certificate of presence, etc.


You can watch videos of the previous collective seminars and see why we are different, also below you can take a look at the questions and answers that are most often asked.


The price is only 450 ? for the 4 seminars and is reserved with 150 ? which is discounted from the total, and the 300 ?

Is paid at the hotel on Wednesday 19th September at 10 am. The reservation can be made by bank transfer, Pay Pal, or debit and credit cards, through our website.


What does the entrance fee include?


The entrance fee includes the entrance to all the seminars held during the days. In our seminars, we will provide water, pens, paper.


Does it include room?


No room or meals are included.


We hold the seminars in affordable hotels, and sometimes we arrange an additional discount for the attendees.


Can I go with a companion?


No. Only those who are accredited for the event can enter the seminars.


Can I take pictures and videos of the seminar?




What is the capacity of the seminar?


Places are limited and we usually close 1 month before the seminar.


I booked and now I can't attend, what about my money?


Reservations will be returned 50% up to 30 days before the seminar. The 15 days before the seminar, the deposit is not refunded.


Where can I buy a ticket?


Through our website www.globaltattoomag.com


Is there a live tattoo?




How long does each week usually last?


The duration is between 3:00 and 4:00hs, per artist.


Are there breaks between seminars?


Yes, there are between a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 ½ hour.


I have been tattooing very little, does the seminar help?


It depends on the knowledge you have, if you haven't tattooed yet and want to start doing it, the seminar won't help you. You need previous knowledge, we don't teach you how to tattoo, just how to improve your techniques effectively. The artists explain their techniques step by step.


What will I see inside the seminar?


Each artist explains step by step what they do to tattoo, material marks, ink percentages, machines, experiences of what not to do, photography, programs they use to create designs, stencil, needles, etc, etc. Also your doubts and concerns


Will I improve my techniques?


Yes, after more than 7 years that we have been conducting seminars, we have noticed significant changes in the styles of the artists attending.  You can improve in several ways since there are several artists with different styles but with a common denominator, an excellent final work.


Any other questions, please do not hesitate to write to us at info@globaltattoomag.com


We recommend you to bring all the doubts you have about techniques in writing because, for several factors, people forget how punctual they want to know about each artist.


Any other doubt you tell me and thank you for writing. 

Don't miss out on your ticket.

Certificate similar to the one you take with you.

learning, growing, improving

Collective Workshop

👉 Berlín | Germany


👉 In person and online


You decide !


Welcome to a new way to learn, a new way to improve, the way to grow.


Collective Workshop is born from the idea that the assistant improves his artistic level.

Reaching the desired level, it takes many years, so many years of learning through practice. The big difference with our collective seminars is that after the theory and practice (live tattoos) the assistant carries out what he learned in his next tattoo on his own. In this new adventure, the assistant will be accompanied by the artists who dictate the seminar. The masters of our seminars, this time Tofi Torfinsky and Karol Rybakowski, will be supervising, advising and correcting the tattoos you make during the second day.



The first day, Tofi and Karol will start the day with a seminar each one, theoretical, where they will explain the process that they realize in their works, the techniques that they use and that they will use the next day, the marks of materials that they use, the programs that they use for their designs, paintings and drawings. Step by step.



After Lunch, we are going to start with tattooing, the draw of tattoo will be a collaboration between both, the artists will choose a design that brings together the techniques of both, both 3D and realism, both color and grey. The techniques used are suitable for most tattoo styles. A good tattoo starts from a good base.


While the masters are  tattooing, they will explain you step by step, what you previously saw in the theory. Tattoo will last around 4/5 hours. Once tattoo is done, we can say that the 1 day is finished.


Second day, we carry out what we have learned. After the first day full of explanations, it's time to put it into practice. You will prepare the equipment, as recommended by the teachers, perform the stencil, and get to work.

 While you are tattoing, before and in the meantime, you can ask questions, and if the master can see any mistake, they will let you know and will advise you how to do it.



When you finish the tattoo, you will be a few steps higher than when you arrived.


I could explain for several pages the advantages of this Workshop, the main one, is that you increase your knowledge, this way you will improve your artistic level, you will have more demand for work, which increases your standard of living.



The conditions are the following:


You must bring a person to get tattooed the second day, this person can only be in our private room the day and the time you are going to tattoo.


You must have prior knowledge as a tattooist, which I will check through social networks that you will send me.



You have to bring your own equipment.


Want more information?


Want to talk?


100,00 €

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What's a webinar?

It’s a combination of the words Web and Seminar. In other words, Webinar is an online seminar.A Webinar is a type of conference, workshop or seminar that is transmitted over the Internet. The main characteristic is the interactivity that takes place between the participants and the speaker. As in any face-to-face event, the speaker is speaking live to the audience and attendees can ask questions, comment and listen to what other participants have to say. 


Webinars are given in real time, with a specific date and time. You can participate from any computer connected to the Internet and you have entered a password that allows you to connect to our website www.globaltattoomag.com/seminar


What do you need to participate to our Webinar?

·            A computer with internet connection ( recommended connection: 128 Kbps)

·            Speakers to be able to listen preferably headset to avoid external noise.

·            Keyboard, so you can ask questions and make comments.



You can see it through any device, but I recommend computers or a Tablet, mainly  because of the size of its screen. The quality of video and audio is 4k, almost as if you were in front. The angles of our cameras will let you see in detail everything that is happening and in excellent quality. You will be able to write your doubts and they will be answered at the moment.


The main advantages of a webinar are:




*From your home, tattoo studio or even from the beach if you want. Simply access our website, enter the password and learn the techniques of our tattoo masters.




*Saving of costs. You pay 90% cheaper for the workshop, you don't have transfers in planes, trains or cars, you don't spend in hotels, you don't spend more than the price of the webinar.



Remember that with our webinar you will be able to visualize the same thing that if you were there, since in the seminars, everything that the tattooists dictate is passed to a projector.



Frequently questions:



Am I able to see it as if I were next to the artist?

Yes, almost, but  even if you're in person, you can't be next to the artist either. It also depends on the internet you have, to support the highest quality video you need....



Do I need to download software? 

No, you need to enter our website, and in the workshop section, enter the password that we will send you. Click this link and see it yourself.




You will receive through your email, the certificate of attendance in pdf, which you can print anywhere.



Remember that you will access very important and exclusive content.

You cannot record or reproduce this material. 

If you do not get the link and password, check the SPAM of your email.



Do you still have doubts?

Well, we'll talk about it by email or by phone, as you prefer.


Collective Seminar of Tattoos | Germany | Lörrach

19 th and 20th September

International Collective Seminar of Tattoos

more info? | mehr Infos?



Limited places

International Collective Seminar of Tattoos | Total Cost 450€

We raise the stakes!!!!!

6 artists plus live tattoo

16 hours of techniques, live and direct tattooing. 

I Attach the information of our next international collective tattoo seminar held in Lorrach on the 19thand 20thof  September 2018.

This edition we count with 6 tattoo icons. Laky, Gorsky, Tom Farrow, Cristian Casas, Robert Tufeanu, and Jay Freestyle.

Different styles, with the same result, an excellent tattoo. 

The seminar will be translated from English into German, the duration of each seminar will be approximately 2 hours, you can take photos and videos of the seminar. We provide water, pens, paper, Global magazines, and so on…

150,00 €

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Day 1 (Wednesday 19 of September 2018)

9.00 am payment and credentials

10:00 am Welcome speech

10:00 am to 12:00am Seminar of Jay Freestyle

12:00 am to 13:00 pm Lunch break

13:00 pm to 15:00 pm seminar of Laky

15:00 pm to 15:30 pm break

15:30 pm to 17:30 pm Seminar of Gorsky

18:00 pm Closing


Day 2 ( Thursday 20th of September 2018)

9:30 am to 11:30 am Live tattoo of Cristian Casas

11:30 am to 12:00 am break

12:00 am to 14:00 pm Seminar of Robert Tufeanu

14:00 pm to 15:00 pm Lunch Break

15:00 pm to 18:00 pm Live tattoo of Tom Farrow

18:00 pm Closing



Nellie Nashorn Soziokultur

Tumringer Straße. 248 

79539 Lörrach

Website https://nellie-nashorn.de/wp/


The organization will provide you with notebooks, pens and water.

Feel free to contact us again for any other questions you may have.


don't miss your ticket!!

comments | Lörrach 2017


150,00 €

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 Tutti i seminari saranno tradotti in italiano, daremo un attestato di presenza, puoi fare tutte le domande che vuoi, puoi scattare foto e filmare, in totale ci sono 5 seminari di 5 diversi tatuatori.

Come si svolgerà il seminario?

Introduzione al tatuaggio.

Macchine, inchiostri, stencil, aghi (materiali in generale)

Uso e applicazione di nero, grigio e colore.

Composizione del design in Photoshop, Zbrush e altri programmi di progettazione.

Illuminazione, ombra, contrasto e profondità.

Sviluppo del tatuaggio, passo dopo passo.

Usare la luce corretta, l'immagine del tatuaggio, ecc.

In piu' tutte le domande che volete fare. A continuazione vi lascio l'itinerario del seminario.


Organizzato da Global Tattoo Magazine.


Il programma del seminario è il seguente:

1 ° giorno (sabato 16 giugno 2018)

9:00 ore -Pagamento (350 €)

10: 00h discorso di benvenuto

10: 15hs a 12: 30hs Seminario di Tofi Torfinski @tofitorfinski

12:30 - 13:30 Pausa

13:30 alle 16:00 Seminario di Raimo Marti @raimomartitattoo 

16:00 alle 16:15 Pausa

4:15 pm a 6:30 pm seminario di Murran Billi @murranbilli

18: 30h chiusura


2 ° giorno (domenica 17 giugno 2018)

10:30 alle 14:00 Seminario di Karol Rybakowski @karolrybakowski

14:00 alle 15:00. Pausa

15:00 alle 17:30 Seminario di Emanuel Oliveira @emanueloliveira_tattooart


Consegna 17h30 di certificati e foto.

17:45  Chiusura

Seminario Colectivo Internacional de Tatuajes

Reserva de la plaza, Valor 450€

100,00 €

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3 editions with the 3 parts of Andrea Afferni's seminar

Step by step of how to make a realistic color tattoo, applicable to other styles


Shipping Included!!!

250,00 €

15,00 €

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Collective Seminar Legends of Tattoo

Booking Fee

100,00 €

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Collective Seminar Legends of tattoo

Milano - Italy

Hello, first of all, thank you for your interest!

The seminar will be held in Milano on the 25th and 26th of November 2017, the Hub Milano hotel. The seminar of each artist, will last about 3 hours where they will explain their techniques, step by step, materials used, etc. There will be a translator in Italian and English.

At the end of the day, you will meet the artist in a round table discussion, where they will be answering to all the questions of the people participant, this will have a duration of 1:30 hs.

All the seminars will be conducted by video and photos, this way is more dynamic.

The artist will be selling DVD , merchandising, books of draws, etc.

The price for the 2 days and 4 seminars will costs 500€ which you will reserve with 100€ (via bank transfer/deposit in account, with debit card, Visa or Mastercard credit) and the rest (400 euros) is paid in the hotel Saturday morning.

In the seminar we will be given pen and paper, water etc.

Limited places only!


Do not miss it!!!


International Collective Seminar of Tattoos

Lörrach - Germany

21 and 22 of September 2017


Unmissable collective seminar.


The most important seminar in Germany.


2 days.


14 hours of pure techniques.


5 artists.




Artists who will be performed in the seminar are:

Murran Billi - Karol Rybakowski - Tofi Torfinski

Emanuel Oliveira - Raimo Marti

International Collective Seminar Barcelona

March 18 and 19

Barcelona - Spain

 Barcelona los días 18 y 19 de Marzo del 2017, se llevara a cabo el seminario mas esperado de España. Los seminarios de cada artista, duraran unas 3 horas aproximadas, donde explicaran sus técnicas, paso a paso, materiales que usan, etc. Los traducirá un intérprete al español.
Al final de la jornada, se reunirán los tatuadores en una mesa de debate, donde responderán todas las preguntas de la gente participante, esto tendrá una duración de 1:30 hs. 
Todos los seminarios se realizaran mediante vídeo y fotos, de esta manera es más dinámico.
Allí los tatuadores tendrán a la venta, DVD , merchandising, libros de diseño, etc.
El precio por los 2 días y 5 seminarios, cuesta 450€ el cual se reserva con 150€ (Mediante transferencia/ingreso bancario, o con tarjeta de débito o crédito visa o mastercard) y el resto (300€) se paga en el hotel el día sábado por la mañana. En el seminario daremos bolis y papel, agua, etc.
Por primera vez en España un seminario de esta índole. No te lo pierdas!!! 
Te paso el itinerario y un poco de historia de cada artista
Los tatuadores que lo realizaran son:
Murran Billi ( https://www.facebook.com/murran.billi) Reconocido artista italiano por su talento en realismo en grises, artista de Sullen, Intenze y Cheyenne ¨las estatuas me dan la oportunidad de entender mejor los volúmenes, las formas, las sombras… Así que siempre las tengo como referencia aunque me guste cambiarlas para no hacer solamente una estatua¨
Neon Judas (David Rinklin) (https://www.facebook.com/NeonJudas69/) Reconocido artista aleman por su estilo ¨diabólico¨ particular en grises. ¨Todo es cuestión de ambición. Puedes tener todas las cosas del mundo si entiendes lo que conlleva y estás dispuesto a pagar el precio. Y por supuesto no serás respetado si no respetas a los demás¨
Tomasz Tofi Torfinski (https://www.facebook.com/TofiTattoo/?fref=ts) Reconocido artista polaco por su estilo Surrealismo y 3D que logra en sus piezas- ¨para mí, diseñar es igual de importante que tatuar, creo mis composiciones desde un diseño mínimo para captar la idea y después hago el modelo en 3D para representar la idea en un ambiente en tres dimensiones, así puedo rotarlo, y ver todas las perspectivas, así también puedo jugar con la luz¨ 
Emanuel Oliveira (https://www.facebook.com/emanueloliveira3870?fref=ts) Reconocido artista portugués por su estilo realista a color. ¨Creo que las cualidades necesarias para ser un buen artista son creatividad, persistencia y humildad, siempre he intentado ser creativo y trabajar sin rendirme nunca para evolucionar técnicamente¨
Raimo Marti (https://www.facebook.com/martin.r.hansen.14?fref=ts) Reconocido artista Danes por su estilo realismo en grises ¨ponte algunas metas y que nada te pare para conseguirlas. No tengas miedo de probar nuevas cosas e intenta estar inspirado estudiando otros artistas y el arte en general¨
Primer seminario de esta magnitud en España y en español, no te lo pierdas!!!
Organizado por Global Tattoo Magazine.
Día 1 (Sábado 18 de Marzo del 2017)
9:00 Horas  -Pago y credenciales
10:00hs Discurso de bienvenida
10:15hs a 13:00hs Seminario de Tofi Torfinski
13:00hs a 13:30hs Descanso
13:30hs a 16:00hs Seminario de Raimo Martí
16:00hs a 16:30hs Descanso
16:30hs a 19:00hs Seminario de Neón Judas
19:00hs a 19:15hs Descanso
19:15hs a 20:45hs Mesa de preguntas.
20:45hs Cierre
Día 2 (Domingo 19 de Marzo del 2017)
10:30 hs a 13:30hs Seminario de Murran Billi
13:30 a 14:00hs Descanso
14:00hs a 17:00hs Seminario de Emanuel Oliveira
17:00hs a 17:15hs Descanso
17:15hs  18:45hs Mesa de preguntas
18:45hs Cierre

Seminario Andy Engel

Barcelona - Spain

Seminar dictated by Andy Engel January 25, 2015-Barcelona-for more information to info@globaltattoomag.com

The seminar was given by Andy Engel, explaining techniques, live experiences with a Spanish translator, duration of 6 hours, will be held at the Barcelona Tattoo Show, on Sunday, October 5, for more information write to info@globaltattoomag.com

world wide tattoo conference

Venetian - Italy

We want to invite you to the most important seminar in the world, 9 artists 3 days

We are the representatives in Spain of this important event that will take place in Venice on 10-11-12 November 2014

We will have an English-Italian-Spanish translator and several other advantages

For more information and/or reservations write to info@globaltattoomag.com


Finally available the entire program of the World Wide Tattoo Conference 2014



Venice - Italy 10-11-12 November


Monday 10th November


From 17:00 to 19:00hs Register

19:30hs Business Seminar by GABE RIPLEYThe seminar was given by Andy Engel, explaining techniques, live experiences with a Spanish translator, duration of 6 hours, will be held at the Barcelona Tattoo Show, on Sunday, October 5, for more information write to info@globaltattoomag.com


Tuesday 11 November



From 9:10 am to 11:00 am SEMINAR conducted by RUSS ABBOTT

From 11:00 am to 12:00 pm Speech with JEFF GOGUE ART

From 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm LUNCH

From 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm SEMINAR conducted by CARLOS TORRES ART.

From 15:00 hs to 15:15Hs Rest.

From 15:15 hs to 16:15Hs Speech with ALEX DE PASE

From 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm SEMINAR conducted by SHIGE

From 6:30 pm to 6:45 pm Break



Wednesday 12th November


From 10:00 to 12:00Hs SEMINAR conducted by NIKKO HURTADO

From 12:00 to 12:45Hs LUNCH

From 13:00 to 15:00Hs SEMINAR conducted by BORIS VALLEJO & JULIE BELL

From 15:15 to 16:15Hs Speech with JOE CAPOBIANCO

From 16:45 to 17:00Hs COFFEE BREAK

17:00Hs Awards/Certificate WWTC 2014

17:30Hs DISCUSSION PANEL Skype connection with GUY AITCHISON

19:00Hs Farewell to the World Wide Tattoo Conference 2014


Seminar by Alex de Pase

Valencia - Spain

Unmissable seminar given by Alex De Pase, master and icon of tattooing in the world, will be in Valencia on April 27th, for more info to info@globaltattoomag.com

Seminario Piercing

Valencia - Spain

Cursos de Piercing Basicos y Avanzados en Valencia

Seminario de Andrea Afferni

Madrid - Spain

Seminario de tatuajes IMPERDIBLE!!!!

Dictado por Andrea Afferni desde Italia. lo dictara por primera vez en España, Donde dará a conocer sus técnicas de realismo a color y en gris, Cupo limitados y una sola fecha!!!!

Seminario de Martin Danree - Jumilla y Fernando Bisceglia

Mallorca - Spain

Prepárate para el gran seminario con los grandes exponentes, 3 artistas ganadores de varios premios nacionales e internacionales!! Todo en un solo Seminario, no te lo puedes perder!

Consultas por privado!