Global Tattoo Awards - Tenth edition

Awards for Artists, (tattoo artists and street art)

"All the winners of the 22 categories (66 winners) will be interviewed and published in our November special edition of Global Tattoo Book +ART. 4 pages per winner"

The Global Tattoo Awards, an international and annual artistic award, is held annually to showcase talents, emerging and established, of any age, gender or nationality.

Since its creation in 2012, Global Tattoo Awards aims to initiate or strengthen the career of artists internationally by providing them with a solid reference that they can add to their career.

Each year, we have a jury made up of 3 tattoo artists of the highest level and renown, we have 22 categories, 66 prizes in total, and € 5,000. + cover of our book + interview of 16 pages

The winners of the "Best Edition" category receive the sums of 3,000 euros, 2,000 euros and 1,000 euros according to their ranking. They can use this money as they wish. "Also, the first prize winner will be our next special edition cover plus a 16-page interview where he will show all his art to the whole world."

"Also, the first prize winner will be our next special edition cover plus a 16-page interview where he will show all his art to the whole world."


Global Tattoo Magazine issues the participating artists an official certificate, whether they are finalists or not, in recognition of their artistic merit. This certificate is issued in 5 different languages. It gives the artists who receive it international recognition and prestige.

The contest is aimed at artists working in one or more of the following disciplines:




1a. BEST EDITION (first place) - € 3,000 + cover of Global Tattoo Magazine + interview of 16 pages

1b.BEST EDITION (second place)  - € 2,000

1c.BEST EDITION (third place) - € 1,000

















18. INITIATION (from 0 to 3 years tattooing)




22. STREET ART ((stencils, posters, stickers, murals, graffiti, 3d drawing, canvas...)


We gave out 66 prizes in total, (3 prizes per category, 1 prize for first place, 1 prize for second place, and a prize for third place.)

All participants receive a certificate of presentation to the awards.

Presentation of the candidacy


Applications are submitted online until June 3 of each year. Each artist can enter as many categories as she deems appropriate, for example, if she presents a gray realism tattoo, the same tattoo can participate in the following categories:


Black & Gray

Best of the Magazine and if she has been tattooing less than 3 years, in Initiation. The registration dates end on June 3 included.


In all cases, candidates in each category have until June 3 to complete their application file.


Appointment of finalists


Our jury made up of ............ meets during the month of June to study the applications received.

The selection of finalists is during the month of June.

The jury will vote for the tattoos anonymously, the tattoos carry a number so that we can identify them, at no time will the name of the artist who made it be revealed, in this way they will not feel pressured.


The names of the 66 finalists will be announced on the Internet (our website, social networks, and by mail) on July 1 at 12 noon, Central European Time (UTC + 1)





Awards ceremony



Certificates will be sent in PDF format to the corresponding winners of each category ready to be printed in A4 size.


The first winner of the category "best edition" will obtain 3,000 euros, the second 2,000 euros, and the third 1,000 euros. These sums will be credited to the winners' bank accounts during the month of July. Each of the winners can use the money won as they wish.


All the winners of the 22 categories (66 winners) will be interviewed and published in our November special edition of Global Tattoo Book +ART. 4 pages per winner





Official certificate


Global Tattoo Magazine awards all artists who have stood out from a qualitative point of view a nominative certificate of artistic merit and participation, corresponding to the year of participation, whether they are finalists or not.

Your official certificate will be available from July 6, when the winners have been announced.


The certificate aims to provide official recognition from our magazine to participating artists whose artistic merit and talent have stood out.

Your artistic talent deserves to be recognized internationally!

Global Tattoo Magazine gives you the means!

Finalist network

The finalists of all editions of the Global Tattoo Awards are part of a strong international network. Since 2012, dozens of artists from around the world have been privileged and fortunate to be finalists for the prestigious Global Tattoo Awards. But the story does not end there! Together, the artists in this network constantly share professional artistic opportunities around the world. What if you also had the opportunity this year to become part of this exceptional network?

Thanks to this network, your artistic career will take a decisive turn!

Questions and answers



This award is for you!

Global Tattoo Awards aims to discover and promote talented artists, some still unknown and some established, on the international tattoo scene. It constitutes a platform for discovery and is open to all professional artists, regardless of their age, nationality, or place of residence. The award is open to all tattoo artists.


What are the conditions?


  • There is no age limit to submit an application
  • Open to tattoo artists, both amateurs and professionals
  • Without distinction of nationality
  • Open to tattoo artists from all countries of the world


How do I present my tattoos?

Everything is done through the Global Tattoo Magazine website and your email.

What is the deadline to register?

To participate, you must register in at least one category, and before access to it is closed.

No additional time will be granted.

One tip: don't wait until the last day to complete your registration! Every year some candidates panic on the last day. For example, if you have a last-minute technical problem, we will not be able to do anything for you.

What do you do with my data and photos?

Global Tattoo Magazine guarantees that you will not be asked for personal information if it is not really useful for the study of your application.

All the content of your application will remain private and confidential. You will remain the sole owner of the copyright related to the photos and information contained in your application.

You must send absolutely nothing to our publisher by post

Registration fee

Participation in the Global Tattoo Awards is subject to payment of an online entry fee. The amount to be paid is indicated in the contestant's space and may vary depending on the currency used and the contestant's country of residence.

Your career is on the next level!

The three Prize winners will receive € 3,000, € 2,000, or € 1,000 depending on their ranking. Winners are completely free to use the money as they see fit.

Global Tattoo Magazine grants all registered artists a nominative certificate of artistic merit corresponding to the year of participation, whether or not they are finalists. This certificate can be issued in 5 different languages. It gives the artists who receive it international recognition and prestige.

Global Tattoo Awards is a unique occasion to be part of the professional and international tattoo circuit and gain visibility throughout the world.

How does the jury make the selection?

The jury is made up of ........... and they will study all the works presented. They expect tattoo artists to meet certain criteria, which may seem subjective, but are relevant.

For example, the jury will take into account the following points: the originality of the tattoo, the technical mastery, the coherence of the work, the freshness, the novelty, and the message conveyed for some tattoos.

This is missing to close the registration 👇

This is missing to present the winners of all categories.

Send us a photo of your work.