Black Edition

Celebrating 11 Years of Art on the Skin with the Black Edition.
The Black edition of Global Tattoo magazine marks a significant milestone: 11 years of immersion in the world of body art, carrying with it the unique essence of ink and creativity. This special anniversary is celebrated with an extraordinary compilation of stories, images, and reflections that encapsulate the dynamic evolution of tattoo culture over the past decade. Dive into the ink-filled pages of this commemorative edition, where renowned tattoo artists share their visions and experiences, highlighting the transformation of tattooing from a fringe form of expression to a respected and globally recognized art form. Black Edition dives into the complexity and depth of the stories behind each tattoo, revealing the intimate connection between the art, and the tattooer. Over the years, we have witnessed how tattooing has evolved from being simply a mark on the skin to a platform for self-expression, resistance and visual storytelling. The magazine highlights emerging trends, from classic styles to innovative techniques, illustrating how the art of tattooing has evolved beyond conventional boundaries.

Black Edition not only pays tribute to influential tattoo artists, but also to the amateurs who have turned their bodies into living canvases. Revealing the diversity of meanings behind each work of art engraved on the skin.

With a captivating visual presentation, Global Tattoo Magazine 11th Anniversary Black Edition becomes a tribute to the aesthetics and symbolic richness that characterizes many contemporary tattoos.


Each page invites readers to immerse themselves in the mysterious and fascinating world of ink, where stories intertwine with artistic creativity. 


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In short, Global Tattoo Black Edition not only celebrates an anniversary, but also represents an impressive chapter in the ever-evolving chronicle of tattooing as a form of art, expression and human connection.


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