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Know the most frequent mistakes when the tattoo is in other languages

The world of tattoos is full of beautiful, deep and meaningful pieces, especially when it comes to phrases or words that represent a situation, learning or personal characteristic.


However, many of those who choose to get a tattoo of these phrases, but written in some other language that, in most cases, is not really known, which can negatively affect the final result of it, and these are the most frequent mistakes that come to be made in this type of tattoo:



Direct translation of letters

There is a whole mysticism that surrounds languages like Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese and Japanese, among others, because their "letters" are completely symbolic and different from the languages derived from Latin.


The problem is precisely that, that their orthography is completely different, so many of those who decide to get these tattoos, look in some online translator direct equivalences between the letters of the Latin alphabet and those of these languages and the result can be catastrophic.


First, in languages such as Chinese or Japanese, each "letter" or "symbol" does not represent an individual sound as in the case of Latin languages, but has a meaning of its own that can end up causing a disaster in the tattoo.


In other cases, although it may seem unusual, there are many people who decide to tattoo a kanji (Japanese) because of how they look or because they believe it means something in particular, and that is why it is common to find so many people with the word "noodles" tattooed in a visible place without knowing what is on their skin or, in some cases, end up with a symbol really offensive to those who dominate and speak that language.


On the other hand, by not knowing the language completely and the meaning behind each symbol, or even the spelling of the language itself, one can end up with a tattoo full of grammatical errors without knowing it, especially in languages such as Arabic or

Hebrew, as both are written from right to left and not from left to right as is customary in the West.


Incorrigible spelling mistakes


In other occasions it is believed to know the language or, even, to be able to understand in a certain way what is

written because of the similarity of the languages, for example, in the case of Italian and Portuguese, or because of a brief

knowledge of the language chosen for the tattoo.


In the case of tattoos in English, French, Italian and Portuguese, among others, it is more common to find important grammatical

errors, which can not only completely change the meaning of what is being tattooed, but can also completely ruin the original

intention for which that phrase was chosen for the tattoo.


There are hundreds of forums and post on the internet with samples of important grammatical errors that can be made in this

type of tattoos, which makes instead of a grace is a morisqueta.








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The risks of Blackout Tattoos

Blackout tattoos are the trend that is invading the world of modern tattooing, it has its associated controversies, since it is not something of ink with which a part of the skin is saturated, but it involves much more than that, as it is to cover an area of the skin with very saturated black, and some argue that this can cause significant damage.


Some of those who decide to get this type of tattoo, may do it to cover up or cover some other tattoo that they no longer want on their skin, but it is always good to study the different options available before making a decision lightly.


Others, however, opt for this type of tattoo because of aesthetics and tendency, which is a double-edged sword, since, if at one time the decision was simply made for a fashion, it could later be cause for regret, and this is not a type of tattoo that can be easily covered or removed today.


What is the Blackout Tattoos?

The tendency of blackout is to tattoo exclusively black large areas of the body, such as the arms, torso and legs. This can be seen as something impressive for some people, since it is changing practically the color of skin completely, for the pain that implies, for the duration of the same tattoo and for the amount of hours it takes to perform it, among other things.


At the time the tattooist performs this work, he is making use of various ink brands to achieve the customer's requirement, and therefore may obtain different results, depending on the skin of the customer.



This type of tattoo is increasingly on social networks, and is being seen as normal for many, is a trend in the world of tattooing, but this in turn brings consequences for the person who wears it on their skin.


Each tattoo can have different reactions, these can be many times negative, if a little ink can cause different reactions in the skin in a small area of the same, the effect is much more serious due to the large amount of ink required to cover a part of the body completely, such as a leg or an arm.


This tendency has some risks

By mixing various black inks to be able to cover the large area of skin are being put on the same large amounts of carbon, which is the basis of black ink, plus other possible ingredients that can be harmful to anyone's skin.


Not only is the factor of the ink and the possible damage that may cause in the long run on the skin of the wearer, but also is the fact that they are subjected to many hours of pain, since with this type of tattoo the skin is allowed to breathe very little, therefore, is a continuous mistreatment that is done to the skin.


Plus, to the hours of duration and pain, may come the possible fact of repentance that may have after the trend passes, may not cause severe damage to the skin to do so, but after a tattoo so large and saturated is done there is no turning back, so, if you really decided to get the tattoo, you must be able to accept the consequences of it in the future.


The tattooist must indicate to the client the possible consequences of such a tattoo, it is in all his duty to say it as a tattoo professional, since this should not be a decision that should be made to the flirt by any person, may look good aesthetically, but the tattoos should be more than that for the person who is going to be tattooed, since always a tattoo must represent something for the one who does it to avoid regrets. 

The future of the Tattoo World

The world of tattooing has been under constant evolution since its inception, with today's tattoo machines far removed from the first electric tattoo machine of the 19th century, not to mention the rudimentary methods of antiquity, which were completely manual (although they are still used in many cultures around the world and by people who dedicate their skin to honoring the history hidden behind the ink).

However, the modern process for obtaining a tattoo has been more or less similar throughout this time: The client chooses a design and place of the body, goes to where the chosen tattooist, the artist creates the template and proceeds to introduce the ink into the client's skin, some with better results than others.


That's why a couple of years ago the first steps were taken for the new stage of the tattoo revolution, as some elements are going to completely change this world as we know it until now.


3D Print.... for tattoos

During 2013, a design school in France created a workshop to motivate students to create something new from public domain resources such as sound or visual resources; almost all teams created more or less similar things, but one of these work teams stood out among the others.

This group took a 3D printer from the school, and modified it so that it could make tattoos on the skin, the prototype worked (although it was not used at that time), but these students did not leave it there, but continued perfecting it until they managed to make the first tattoo on a human: A perfect circle.



They relied on various technologies such as haptic sensors to get the machine to react to touch and identify the curved areas of the skin to adapt pressure and position, so it is possible to tattoo without deforming the design or hurting the skin.


Take a date with Tatoué, the tattooing robot

The tattoo printer was just the beginning, as some designers worked together with several tattooists to create a robot that can make any design on the skin that is entered into their system, and has been baptized with the name Tatoué.



This robot has evolved since its inception and is now an industrial sized robot that can perfectly tattoo almost any design following a relatively simple process, so the tattooed gets a high quality tattoo, as it could get to tattoo an almost perfect reproduction of the design chosen, as if it were a regular printer.

To make the tattoo with Tatoué, the first step is to make a 3D study of the person and then create a 3-dimensional image of the area to be tattooed; the next step is to design the pattern with specialized software to locate the tattoo in the chosen area, and from there, the robot will begin to do its work.


Tattooed microchips

With the trend of wearable technology invading every aspect of our lives, microchip tattoos are just around the corner, as different companies are working together for tattoos with electronic devices that have various functions, such as measuring blood sugar, being able to geolocate children and Alzheimer's patients, payment methods, network connection and much more.


In fact, a group of designers from a renowned technology company are working on a kind of screen made with electronic ink that would work with various subcutaneous micro sensors installed on the forearm.




The privacy and warmth of the tattoo will be painted with a dark tone in the future.

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Geometrical Tattoos: The pulse is everything

The geometric tattoos, today, are increasingly on people's skins, but the fascination for this art is nothing new, since all this wave of geometry comes from the times of the Greeks.

Even in those times when Leonardo Da Vinci painted pictures that referred to the golden proportion, and it is this same number that is present in the same nature: the golden number is a concept that refers to a golden rectangle, and must have the division of the longest side and the shortest side, resulting in the number 1,618.


This golden proportion is reflected in elements of nature, where the shell of a snail reflects it in the best possible way, the leaves of the trees also contain it, so the geometry is everywhere and in the world of tattooing is included intrinsically, so are incredible works of art that can perform tattooers who know these techniques.


However, it is not at all easy to find a good tattoo that is geometric, as designing these tattoos could be said to be a double job, the first is to remove the design and then capture it on the skin of the client in the most perfect way possible.


Such an inspiration

Geometry is reflected in every aspect of nature and has always been present in it, accompanying us since ancient times, and that is why it has attracted the attention of human beings, inspiring them to make works of art where it reflects this geometry.


We see this inspiration daily in great works of art, as well as in buildings, sculptures, paintings, and every day more in the works of the tattoo world. In the tattoo to see reflected something related to the geometry, instantaneously it is known that it is a work of a lot of dedication, time and perfect pulse, reason why they are some of the tattoos that greater work take this way be in a small area of the skin.


Among the most chosen themes for geometric designs are:

Geometric Animals

There are many and varied designs that can be done in the world of geometric tattooing, you see more and more, step by step, animal tattoos with geometric design. It requires great precision to be able to achieve that the lines of these animals are sufficiently even or equal to give the proper shape to the animal to be tattooed.


Tattoos of mandalas or other similar symbolic figures such as dream catchers are becoming more and more popular, and these, being geometric figures with a great deal of line work, require an impeccable and precise pulse, as the slightest error will be completely noticed.


Geometric nature tattoos

In these tattoos are included several elements, apart from geometry, to give that effect of nature, these tattoos are increasingly requested by the public, and not for less because they are aesthetically very good in view of anyone, among the tattoos that can be seen of geometric nature, are the snowflakes, trees and mountains, in short, are various elements to choose for this type of tattoos.


Geometric space

There are also those who decide to tattoo constellations and planets with geometric themes and these tattoos attract a lot of attention, they seem simple.


Quite a precision

To be able to draw a straight line is a challenge for many tattooists, because it is something that requires concentration, technique and a lot of pulse, and more when some parts of the body where it is decided to tattoo can be a somewhat complex surface, represents the effort of different variables, is a style of tattoo that is perfectly laborious, without leaving aside the work that requires any other style of tattoo.




That's why it's said that you need a good pulse, creativity and includes other variables to be able to make such a geometric tattoo, and not just any tattoo artist is able to make them with the precision they deserve. 




  • Superstition in the world of tattooing




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In almost every facet of human beings, there are superstitions directly associated with certain actions or elements, which, if taken into account or ignored, can - according to beliefs - change a person's entire fate.


The world of tattooing is not exempt from having different superstitions, each with different degrees of truth behind it, and these are some of the most well-known and striking superstitions of the world of tattooing that you should know.


Always tattoo yourself in odd numbers

One of the most widespread superstitions in the world of tattooing is that you can't wear tattoos in even numbers, because bad fortune could reach the door of whoever does it; this superstition, he says, comes from the discovery of Otzi, the oldest mummy with tattoos that has been discovered by man.


Otzi has 57 tattoos in total, and since this is an odd number, the belief that tattoos should be in an odd number began to spread, which, moreover, is also considered by some as a small tribute to this ancient mummy.


7 tattoos, not one more nor one less

Continuing with the tonic of the amount of tattoos that a person should get, there is a group of amateurs and connoisseurs of the world of tattooing that go far beyond simply saying that someone should get an odd number of tattoos, since no one should get neither more nor less than 7 tattoos together.


The reason, is because this belief follows the logic of numerology, where it is stated that the number 7 is the most important magical number, in addition to being repeated in so many other situations that it is difficult to doubt this: there are 7 deadly sins, 7 wonders of the world, 7 days of the week, 7 chakras in the body, 7 seas, 7 colors in the rainbow, and the list goes on.


In any case, if the person who is tattooed believes in numerology, he will respect this superstition which, moreover, is in line with that related to odd numbers for good luck.


Couple tattoos: only if they want to separate

This is one of the superstitions with more adepts, as there is a large number of couples in love who want to make a permanent demonstration of their feelings, being some of these couple tattoos quite popular and recognized.


The problem is precisely that these tattoos tend to have a much longer life than the couple relationship in question, since a large number of those who make these marks on their skin end up, in effect, separated definitively.


Tattoos for invoking powers

Esta superstición probablemente no se encuentre tan difundida en el mundo occidental, pero se cuenta que los tatuajes tailandeses, mejor conocidos como roisak, tienen la capacidad de poder dar poderes a quienes se los realizan.

Eso sí, estos tatuajes deben ser hechos por los monjes en los templos, ellos lo realizan de manera manual, sin máquinas y en la lengua khom, que es una lengua antigua de Camboya; el tiempo destinado para realizar estos tatuajes es de unos 20 minutos, y luego de realizados deben ser activados para tener los poderes que otorgan.

Normalmente el maestro tatuador escoge el motivo que va a dibujar de acuerdo con la personalidad de cada persona, para que así, pueda recibir sus poderes, que difieren de tatuaje en tatuaje, siendo común que seleccione a algún animal para este propósito como el dragón; estos tatuajes son bastante económicos.


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What can go wrong during the making of a tattoo?

Many are the people who decide to get their first tattoo, however, they don't notice the various problems that may arise at the time of the realization of it, and even the tattooers are presented with some inconveniences that were not in mind for lack of communication with the client or other reasons.

It is very easy that a work session does not go as you expected, since there are enough variants for something bad to happen during the making of a tattoo. It is important to take a notes of some recommendations, do appropriate research, consult with others who already have tattoos about their previous experiences in relation to this.

It is not something that should be taken lightly since the tattoos are something serious, something that must be extremely careful, both by the tattooist and by the client, and that for some reason or another is usually taken very in vain.


The most common problems are usually these:


Allergic Reactionts

It often happens that for some people, some specific type of ink may be a cause of allergy, especially in some colors more than others, the main signs of allergy are seen in colors such as red, this is by the metals that usually contain the inks, and that some people do not tolerate on their skin, and that is why they become more inflamed, they get a rash on the skin, or tattoos sting a lot, among other allergic reactions.


Lack of sterilization, asepsis (unhealthy conditions, precarious conditions)

This happens mostly in the locals/flats, where the lack of hygiene is the main problem, it usually happens in those , which are clandestine, and don't have the optimal hygiene conditions to be able to carry out this type of activity.


It is something to be alert, because immediately you have to say, no, to the fact of getting a tattoo there, nothing good is going to come out of a tattoo session in that place.



Skins problems

This refers to the use of some creams or products for the skin that the person has previously, these may affect the time of getting the tattoo because for these reasons the ink may not be well absorbed by the skin, happens more than anyone can imagine, as well as those people who may have some scars, these may not allow while the tattoo is being done the ink is well absorbed.


Tattooer problems

For one reason or another, the client may not get along with the tattooist, or may not be able to withstand the tattoo, or the tattooist may have an unforeseen event; for whatever reason the tattooist cannot continue with the tattoo, it is necessary for the tattooist to make sure the tattoo is properly cleaned and covered, so that it heals properly and can be completed later.


Needles in poor conditions

Some needles may not be right, (rounded or bent tips) there is often a manufacturing error, or manipulation.  This affects the skin of the client, so it is good to make sure that everything is in order, before logging in, by the tattooist.


Pain intolerance


Often happens that some people are more sensitive than others to pain, so it is good to choose an area that knows, which is not so painful to tattoo, if it is these people, because otherwise the tattoo may be left halfway.


Excessive bleeding.

The excess bleeding makes it very difficult to get the tattoo, ý it can happen for various reasons, and if so you should stop to see what condition the client is in and if he is able to continue with the tattoo or not.



It also happens that, due to the client's lack of communication with the tattooist in terms of how he or she feels, one reaches older people, such as fainting in the middle of a session, that's why if you feel dizzy, it's good to ask for time to recover your composure, even eat or drink something sweet.


Medical problems

You have to be honest from the beginning with the tattooist, if you have any condition, such as epilepsy, skin problems, pain, diabetes, HIV, hemophilia, among others, to take the necessary precautions or determine whether it is possible for that person to endure a particular session of tattooing.




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Marketing Tattoo Studio

Marketing in the firts months of the year


 When January arrives, we all start planning everything we want to happen during the year that has just arrived. This is without realizing that, in order to get started now, it would be much better if we planned earlier, perhaps in December, and so we can get down to work now.


What usually happens is that during the last months of the year we are busiest doing everything we have left for the end, preparing for Christmas and, of course, the end of the year. This, when we have small businesses or companies, we suffer a lot and the part that is strongly affected is the marketing and communication of the company and with it, the rest of areas that need these actions to continue selling or producing.


Therefore, although it is hard to believe and more to put it into practice, the best time to make a Marketing Plan for the new year is not January but neither December, but we should start from September and November, have it finished so, in January give a brief review and change what the closing info tells us and be able to get down to work to implement actions as soon as possible.


This is the idyllic scenario that we would all like to create (we recommend that you schedule it as early as 2016) but as this will surely not be the case, the best thing to do now, if you haven't already done so, is to start making a Marketing Plan for your business that includes the next full year. At this point, do not get involved in making a super Plan, heavy and that takes a lot of time to develop, time that will rob you of the implementation. Try to be useful for your own company and do something that is effective and agile.



Forget a heavy document that you are not going to use and imagine one that is very easy to use and that is always at hand. For this, the best is a Power Point in which you graphically add pages / slides as you need. In it and with the information you have from the previous year's closing, you can now create the structure of your Plan on which, later on, you can add parts and information.


An appropriate structure for your Plan would be:


- Objectives (both those of the company and those you are going to set yourself to achieve through actions and communication strategies).


- Competence: it is important to always have it visualized and identified, not to feel threatened by it but to learn and be better.



 - The target audience: if you don't know who you are selling to, what are you really going to sell to? It's impossible to reach someone you don't know.


 The environment: knowing and knowing in detail your environment and its situation will help you go further and better.



- The message you are going to develop: the common thread on which the whole marketing concept of your business will be developed for the new year.


The annual strategy to follow: you also need a base strategy on which all actions will be based.


- The actions you are going to use to make that strategy a reality.



- The calendar: the clearer the better so you don't miss anything.




- The budget: fundamental to be able to foresee what investment you are going to need.


With these parts and sections so well structured you can develop your Marketing Plan according to standards that will help you get everything flowing. Don't be entertained, you need to finish it to be able to execute it from now on. January and February are two important months that you can not leave behind and not use profitably.

Fdo. María Alcaraz. 


All you need to know about learning to tattoo


Tattoos today are being adopted by all as something new in the world of body art, as part of their culture, and as part of their way of expressing what they think, feel and happen in their lives, want to have in their skins something that represents them.


Therefore we see that there are emerging many tattoo artists who want to join this trend and embody in skins their best work. They want to learn this great art that involves inspiration, agility, talent, much knowledge of various techniques of drawing, shadows, colors, in short, everything related to the visual arts.

A challenge that is worth it

Learning to tattoo can be quite a challenge, because like any new skill you want to acquire, it takes time and steps for you to enter this world. There are many books on the subject of initiation to the world of tattoo as well as tutorials that are of great help to people who are just starting with this profession.

What is the firts thing you need to know? 

You must take into account the skills you have in your hands, as well as the skill you have in drawing, and this is very important, but do not worry, if you lack the ability to draw, you can start in that field by doing art courses or drawing that can help you. But it's important that you at least have artistic talents.


Once you have at least a basic knowledge of drawing, you should look for a good tattoo artist who has been in business for a while, so that he can teach you what he knows about this world. To do this, you should bring a portfolio of your best drawings so that they can choose you as their apprentice, because tattooists also choose who they want to teach.


It is good that the person who will serve as your tutor is someone who has at least five or six years as a tattooist, because it means that he has already had a lot of time tattooing and knows various techniques and tricks that you can transmit.

Much more than just draw

Once you have completed the two previous points, you must get to know the tools you will be working with: the machines, and you must have a basic notion of how they work, know their parts and how they work.


You must acquire these tools, so you can go practicing, synthetic leather and pigskin will help you at first, to go tattooing without having to use the skin of a person, so you can go perfecting your technique to acquire the confidence necessary before tattooing in real skin.


The other tools you will need to work are the ink (if you are starting you must acquire at least some colors to help you practice), needles, cups, the different components for the machine such as grips and tips, among others.

Learn about sterilization and health legislation

This is very important, you must inform yourself of the kind of diseases that surround this type of work, it is always important to have knowledge that will prevent you from contracting diseases and you must take care of your clients from these same ones. Look for information about what you should and should not do under any circumstances like reusing the needles with which you have already made a tattoo or sterilize the various parts.


Not only is it enough to be the apprentice of a good artist, you must also take courses, watch tutorials, read a lot about the various techniques that will help you in this profession, go to conferences, among others. Keeping you in constant learning is what will help you improve your work techniques to be a good tattoo artist.


You should also know that the client is a big part of this work, beyond your techniques, since the one who chooses the design of what will be reflected in his skin, is the one who has the last word. It is always ideal to have a good relationship with the client, at least what is necessary for me to trust his tattoo artist. 


Understanding all this will help you to relate well with customers when you go to tattoo someone for the first time.


Coverage or modification? Learn the difference

Every day more and more people appear who have had disastrous tattoos done, which can turn out to be both badly done and a design that now causes embarrassment in those who have the bad luck of wearing it emblazoned on their skin.


However, nowadays it is possible to stop living with the bad taste left by one of these tattoos, since there are new techniques both to remove them and to cover or improve them; if you do not want to eliminate as such is necessary to know the differences between tattoo coverings and modifications to choose the best technique according to what you want to achieve.


There is a lot of confusion regarding the terms of tattoo coverage and tattoo modification, and it is important to know that these terms are not really synonyms, but refer to two completely different procedures, and it is important to know them in order to choose what you really want to do.

Tattoo coverage

Tattoo covers are those tattoos that are made on others that existed before with the intention of covering them completely and that are camouflaged under the new tattoo.

These covers are made with the intention of making disappear, completely, the previous design that so many problems or regrets used to cause, being the most common motifs the name of an ex, the portrait of someone who no longer wants to see, a very badly made tattoo or chosen with the wrong motifs, among others.


If a good tattoo artist is chosen, he will be able to make an excellent quality coverage and will be able to cover, completely, the previous design, while if a bad artist is chosen it is probable that a second coverage of the tattoo will be needed, later.


Coverages are especially recommended when you do not want to keep absolutely anything from the previous design, but to disappear it completely at any price, in order to continue with life in the best possible way.

Modificaciones de tatuajes

If you do not want to make the previous tattoo disappear completely, but you are fine with simply improving it, correcting it or changing a few details (such as a letter or symbol), you are looking is a modification of the tattoo.


The modifications consist of keeping some detail or part of the original tattoo and adding new elements to it so that it looks like a completely new and improved tattoo, so that it is possible to exhibit it and feel good about it.

It is common to make modifications on those tattoos whose concept is still liked by the client, but which was badly executed for some reason (for example, letters with shaky strokes or with wrong colors).


Also, with the modification, it is possible to give a new life and dimension to the previous tattoo, being able to get much closer to what you wanted to wear on the skin originally, as well as correct any error that had the original (such as spelling mistakes or some detail badly done).

Choose the best way for a new tattoo

When you get a tattoo it is important to evaluate well the reasons why you want to get it, the area and, of course, the tattooist who is going to make it, because this depends on whether you must make a coverage or a change in the future.


It is important to remember that when you get a tattoo, it is for life, so it is not advisable to look for tattooists who charge less money (this "saving" could mean lower quality inks or a badly executed tattoo), clandestine studies or be pressured by others, because, after all, the cheap is expensive and who will wear that tattoo for life will be you, so it is not a decision you should take lightly.