Write your Story...

Why make a book of me? 

It is the best way to create your brand create your Pro Brand, the best brand is YOU! and the best way is the fact of PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK, writing your book, your photos, your texts, your own story. I want to delve into some compelling reasons to do so.



We all have a book inside, something to say, to teach, to explain, a message to give, and sometimes not having clear reasons to do so limit us to take action.


A book is a turning point: a point that determines a beginning, a start, an origin. It is what is known in English as Turning Point, the point where your life takes a certain direction and after the book takes another. A book gives a plus to your profession. It is a turning point because a new career is born, it will help you to have more visibility and to have in writing what you already know. So I encourage you to make that one of the main reasons to write your book.


It increases visibility and credibility: one of the advantages of writing a book is to generate credibility in your profession, that's the job of the book. So I recommend that, if you feel you know and can add value, you consider writing your book as a purpose, because it will raise your value and you can be better compensated for the work you do.


It puts you in an authoritative role: even if you don't say it, you will be considered an expert. Sometimes it can be a little embarrassing to be exposed to an audience, to say who you are and what you do. With a book you can save yourself that work because the book speaks for you, the book goes before you, the book opens doors for you. When you are introduced, just because you are the author of the book, it is assumed that you play an authoritative role in the subject. So notice that all that intellectual connotation that the book has, in the end, helps you to position yourself as an expert, even if you don't say it, because the book has the power to generate in people's minds the idea that the person who writes it knows, masters, and has something new to propose.


I encourage you if this is one of your purposes or an idea that has been going around in your head for a long time, to start to bring it down to earth and give it weighty reasons, because in the end what keeps your book from advancing is that you don't have a motivation, a concrete reason to do it. As we know that it can be very complex, the part of layout, printing, distribution, and promotion of the book, we have 17 years dedicated to this and we can do it for you in the best way.


Live with passion, live happy.


Our Work & Commitment

Design & Print

 A team of professionals will take care of every detail of the interior appearance of your book to achieve an unbeatable attractiveness for bookstores and readers.


Differentiate yourself from others by publishing with us, and your book will be in the most important points of sale.

Your book will be for sale in the biggest marketplaces, for example, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, as well as on our website and social networks.

Even, if you wish, in eBook format on Apple, Google, Amazon, etc.


 We send a newsletter to websites, blogs, and press. In addition, in the publishing house, we will keep several background copies to send to any media, web, or blog that requests it.



We promote your book in our magazines

Remember: At all times you will be supervised by an editor/publisher who will put all his/her effort to make sure your book turns out well and will make his/her experience available to advise you. They are qualified people, with training and qualifications in the field. Global Tattoo Magazine has 18 employees, each in their department, guaranteeing professionalism and solvency. We will advise you before, during, and after publishing. 

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20 A5 Hard Cover books with 88 Pages

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