Here is the budget, remember that the payment is made 3 times, we charge 40% upon receipt of the material (photos and the questionnaire answered) once received the material will be passed to process the photos, and the text will edit and correct our team, after 15 days received the material, and we will have the layout of the book in pdf, which we will send for your acceptance, at that time we will ask for 30% of the payment and after 15 days, making the finishing touches, we will charge the other 30% before printing.


How long does it take to make my book?

The time it takes from the moment you send the photos and text until you receive the books where you tell us will be between 30 and 40 days.


We also remind you that you can pay for the book in up to 10 interest-free payments with a debit or credit card.


It is very important to mention that making a book is something very important in the career of every artist, a book is more than advertising in magazines, even an interview. It is something that will last for generations it is something that gives you authority and professionalism. Don't forget that you are making your book to sell it.


The promotion of your book. 

It will be promoted in the book section of our Global Tattoo Magazine as a recommended book, it will be for sale on our websites and App, with redirection to your website or social networks, so you can sell it and get 100% of the sales, we will also promote it on our social networks, and we will send the book to thousands of contacts through e-mail campaigns and also to hundreds of websites/blogs to write press releases.

If you wish, we can put it for sale on Amazon and in e-Book format on Apple Books (IOS) and Google Books (Android).


Another important point:

We take care of everything, from the design part, layout, proofreading, editing, printing, shipping, distribution, and the legal part (requesting the ISBN or ISSN of the book) your book will be in all the libraries of your country. 




All books include bookmarks, presentation posters, click here (More Reasons) to see more in detail what is included.


Making a book requires a lot of time, money, and contacts, we, thanks to 17 years in this profession we manage to do the whole process of the book and save you up to 1500€ and without losing quality and professionalism.


We would love to work with you.


I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


All the Best!



Federico Harbaruk


Director and Founder 

of the group 

Global Tattoo Magazine.

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