Why should you publish your book with Global Tattoo Mag?

16 aspects that we include in any budget. Take advantage of the opportunity to publish your book with guarantees and differentiate yourself from the rest:


1. We guarantee a professional layout of the book by a trained and qualified layout artist. Each layout is different and personalized. Your book will be unique.


2. We design the cover according to the author's taste. A professional graphic designer will create the cover of your book. More than 1000 cover designs are our guarantee. In addition, we have illustrators on staff.


3. Because we value your work: We make a quality filter because we do not publish everything we receive. Our reading department will previously review your work to see if it meets our parameters. If your book needs a spelling and/or style correction, we will take care of it.


4. The author's rights are always yours, from the very first moment, and everything is included in a publishing contract where the publisher's commitments are stipulated.

5. Because we accompany you: You will be supervised at all times by an editor who will make every effort to ensure that your book turns out well, and will make his/her experience available to advise you. They are qualified people, with training and qualifications in the field. Global Tattoo Magazine has 18 employees, each in their department, guaranteeing professionalism and solvency. We will advise you before, during, and after publishing. 


6. We manage a publishing ISBN (not self-publishing) so you can sell your work in any bookstore and shopping mall. This aspect is fundamental. We also take care of the Legal Deposit and sending copies to the National Library.


7. For prestige: it is of vital importance to belong to a well-known publishing house that has its doors open in bookstores, media, and shopping malls. Global Tattoo Magazine, after having published many magazines and books and 17 years of real and demonstrable trajectory, has earned recognition. This influences the diffusion of the book. It is not the same to go to a media under the endorsement of a little-known publishing house, as it is to go with Global Tattoo Magazine.


8. You will have access to more than 130000 real followers (not bought) of our social networks for their news. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Interactions assured.


9. For our solvency: Publishing with Global Tattoo Magazine is to have the doors open in bookstores and events. We have published more than 800 tattoo artists in our magazines, so you will be under the endorsement of one of the best-known tattoo magazines in the world, and the number 1 in the self-publishing sector. It is important to make it clear that Global Tattoo Magazine has (and has had) nothing to do with any other desktop publishing company. We are unique since January 2002. Leave your dream in the right hands, a bad decision can be fatal.


10. Because you will share catalog with the best: Great and prestigious tattoo artists because THE ART OF TATTOOING is a collection where we have many great tattoo artists from around the world.


11. Marketing: Because we send a newsletter to websites, blogs, and press (database of more than 5000 email addresses). In addition, in the publishing house, we will keep several back copies to send to any media, web, or blog that asks us for it. And we will send you a dossier on how to promote your book when you receive the copies at home. It contains tips, help, ideas, and tricks based on our experience.


12. Because we have the best distribution agreements, as we have detailed above. The most important one is with the distributor Pineapple, which reaches large supermarkets and airports all over the world.


13. For the quality of our finishes. We do all types of printing in the best quality and respectful of the environment.


14. If you do not want to activate any form of sale, we will refer potential buyers through direct links to your website or social network. Nobody can offer you this.


15. We will help you to sell your copyrights in other countries, as we are usually invited to the best international fairs such as Frankfurt, London, Drupa (Dusseldorf).


16. Because if you generate news about your book, make presentations, attend events..., you can send us the photos, and we will share them on our website and/or social networks (more than one million visits per year).


And most importantly...For the guarantee... Believe it or not, the world of desktop publishing is full of unqualified companies, and without any knowledge of the world of tattooing, people who without any training are in charge of something as delicate as the edition of a book. In Global Tattoo Magazine work layout artists, journalists, writers, proofreaders, and qualified designers, and its director, Federico Harbaruk, is a recognized person in the world of tattooing. Check it out by talking to our team, exchanging emails to see how we express ourselves, and thus certify that there is a specialist for each aspect of the book. You will notice the difference. 18 professionals at your disposal. 

Promotions of the month by circulation

Size (A5). Covers (front and back covers) in the glossy color of 350 grams printed on both sides and inside in color with 150 grams matte coated paper. Milled binding. A total of 100 final pages. Recommended retail price to the reader between 25€ and 35€.


100 copies

— 100 posters for presentations and signatures


— 1-notebook of 120-150 blank pages with the cover of your book. You can use it as a notebook or give it as a gift.

200 copies

— 200 posters for presentations and signatures


— 2-notebook of 120-150 blank pages with the cover of your book. You can use it as a notebook or give it as a gift.

Press release.

300 copies

— 300 posters for presentations and signatures


— 3-notebook of 120-150 blank pages with the cover of your book. You can use it as a notebook or give it as a gift.

—Press release.

— We manage your first presentation.  We manage your first presentation.  

— 1-roll-up with a structure for you to use in your book presentations.


* Roll-up only for Europe


Distribution with Global Tattoo Magazine

Included in any quote (exclusive agreements with Global Tattoo Magazine). 

Store distribution

You will be with the largest distributor in Europe: Do you want to sell in tattoo supplies distributors, bookstores, and department stores?

On-demand distribution

Your book in more than 4,000 bookstores, shopping malls, airports, and stations.

Direct sale on our website

You will receive 100% profit.

Ebooks and digital

Your e-book available on Google, Amazon Kindle, Apple.

Poster for presentation and signature


2 common excuses...


I don't have time to sell the books!


We sell it to you through our website, and you get 100% of the price of the book. To get the desired sales, we need you to share the publications that we will make of your book, as well as the press releases that different media will make of your book, don't worry that we will let you know when this happens.


Who will buy my book? 


70 photos of tattoos are included in the book, surely if a tattoo that you did it in a book, you would buy it and surely family and close friends too, plus the fans that you will have of your work, we calculate an average of 200 books per artist, all this is calculated in followers and clients that a tattoo artist has. That would be your part there is also ours we have distributors all over the world, we have an agreement with more than 50,000 specialized bookstores. We sell magazines and books through our website and social networks. We also have affiliate marketing if you need it.