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Tattoo Workshop in Mallorca

by Martin Danree

On-site or Online

We will teach you to revolutionize your artistic side 

Workshop with live tattooing.

First day of Theory

Second Day Live Tattoo

It will be dictated in Spanish, English, and German.

Online or In-Person (Limited Places)

30-days of support to the workshop attendees, and you can access the workshop as many times as you want it will be recorded on video on our website (exclusive for attendees) divided by parts for easy understanding.


 Learn everything you need to grow as an artist, accompanied at all times, during and after the course, you will get mentoring / support during a month after the course



You will also be part of our tattoo community, where you will solve doubts, share experiences, travel as a guest to other studios, share booths at tattoo conventions and receive discounts on tattoo materials from the best brands in the world.


Nobody supports tattoo artists more than us! 


 You are a tattoo artist? but you want to grow up?


Improve your style?


Have your Style?


This course is for you.


Are you looking for artistic growth, travel, reputation, and economic freedom?

You will be a professional artist.

 4 days of pure learning where you will learn new techniques, and you will be able to apply them under the supervision of the best artist. We created a unique course in its style that works and without leaving your home.


That makes it different 👇



You will have access to our tattoo community, where you will solve your doubts and share experiences, discounts on tattoo materials, shared stands with other tattoo artists in conventions around the world.


You will not be alone with our course you will have support during the month following the course.


After the course, we will evaluate your tattoos to help you evolve, giving you the keys to improve.




In this course, Martin Danree, a reference artist in the world, will teach you the tools, materials, and techniques to get started in the art of tattooing as a professional or to improve your artistic skills.



You will learn how to tattoo from setting up the machine, working table, types of needles, and hygiene, including techniques when outlining, shading, and painting on the skin, practicing in real-time. The human anatomy will be incorporated as a canvas when illustrating and designing a tattoo, and the types and styles of contemporary tattoos will be studied attend Personally

What does the course include?


Table of Contents


Day 1


     Unit 1




- Tattoo machines, components, calibration. 

- Coil machines. Rotary machines.   

- Needles: classification and application. 

- Grips: classification and application. 

- Cartridges. 

- Power supply. 

 - Accessories.    


   Unit 2


Drawing applied to tattooing


- Lines 

- Lights and shadows     


    Unit 3


Preparation of the design and tattoo table


- Skin types and anatomical considerations before tattooing.

- Design creation

- Table preparation and hygiene


  Unit 4 Tattooing


Beginning tattooing, techniques, filler, and lines


- Synthetic skin 

- Lines.

- Black and Grey.

- Color.

- Shadows.    

- How to disassemble the table and care recommendations.



Free Tattoo


- Throughout the course and in the following month the student can consult any doubt and ask for help at any time.


     Final Project


- Tattoo


- Certificate of attendance


Day 2



Live tattoo, Martin will explain each step of the tattoo he performs.

 We solve all your doubts.


Next 30 days

-Unlimited access to the workshop edited in video parts for easy understanding

-Tattoo artist support: Send us videos of your tattoos to help you improve, correct common mistakes, and guide you to make a better tattoo.



Important: You will be able to access the complete course as many times as you wish during the following month.

It will be divided into sections for easy understanding.


 You will have access to our community of tattoo artists, where you will solve your doubts and share experiences, discounts on tattoo materials, shared stands with other tattoo artists in conventions the world.



You will not be alone with our course. You will have support during the month following the course we will evaluate your tattoos to help you evolve, giving you the keys to improve.

We have been conducting seminars for eight years


 I'm Federico Harbaruk, director and founder of Global Tattoo Magazine. I've been in the tattoo world for 22 years, last eight years of which I've been giving seminars for tattoo artists in Germany, Italy, and Spain, helping hundreds of tattoo artists to improve their techniques with the help of the most renowned tattoo artists in the world


I decided to start this new project, "Global Tattoo Academy" to collaborate in your learning and growth. Saving you a lot of time and frustration in this course, you will have step by step to become the best tattoo artist.


Are you ready for a new start in your life?

What people say about our seminars

Unique opportunity


This time I want to do it online, but this does not mean making a video, and not only sell, the mission of the Academy is to help you grow up, before, during, and after the course. The course will be live and direct, to answer your questions, you will also have our advice after a month of taking the course, you will belong to our community, where you can solve your doubts and help others.

You will have unlimited access to your courses. Our objective is you grow up as a tattooist, we need artists who stand out for their style and not compete on price.

Martin Danree to teach this amazing tattoo course

Martin Danree, winner of over 40 awards at tattoo conventions.

Martin Danree is in charge of teaching this is a unique course of basic and advanced techniques applied to tattooing. 

What makes it so unique? Martin is a tattoo artist with almost 20 years of experience, 49 awards won in tattoo conventions in Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Portugal. Several tattoo magazines have recognized his art. He has won several interviews.

He has been teaching tattoo initiation courses for 11 years, with more than 110 tattoo artists currently working as well seminars for professional tattoo artists, and best of all he tattoos incredibly well.

For these reasons, we can guarantee you only good results.

In this course, you will learn the different types, styles, and their evolution until today. 


Martin will teach you how to assemble your first basic or professional kit to start tattooing. Thus, you will know in detail all the materials you need: what machines exist, the types of tools, needles, and elements, and essential information for tattooing, in addition to giving you some personal recommendations based on his experience. 


You will learn about the different types of skin and the anatomical considerations you need to have to adapt the design to the area of the body. Next, you will see the exact steps to create the design, prepare it for application to the skin and, of course, set up and sterilize the work area before tattooing to avoid cross-contamination. 


You will transfer the design to the surface to learn outlining techniques, filling, stippling in different ways, and shading techniques considering materials, voltage, and wrist movements to achieve the results you are looking for.


You will see how to disassemble the table correctly, following maintenance and hygiene guidelines, and, finally, you will learn several recommendations to advise your client before and after tattooing.

Works by Martin Danree

What is the course project?

You will make a tattoo on synthetic skin which will allow you to approach directly how you would do it with real skin to start your path in the world of tattooing in case you already have the experience you will do it on a person's skin


Who is the course for?

To all people interested in starting or improving in the art of tattooing and learn the techniques and basics of this trade.



No previous knowledge is necessary. What materials do you need? As this is your first time in the art of tattooing you will need several types of tools and materials such as absorbent paper, water spray, vinyl gloves, adhesive tape, cling film, Vaseline, tattoo tracing paper, Transfer cream, or Stencil, tattoo ink, tattoo machine, line and filler needles, clip cord or connection cable, the power tool for the machine and disposable or steel grips

This is how our academy works.


Learn at your own beat


Enjoy the courses from home. Live and direct.


Hand in hand with the teacher


Learn techniques and methods of great value explained by the great experts in the world of tattooing.


Expert teachers


Each teacher teaches only what he or she does best, ensuring passion and excellence in every lesson being present throughout the course.




Accredit your attendance to the course with a certificate signed by the teacher and endorsed by Global Tattoo Academy.


In the front row


High-quality videos so you don't miss any detail. Once you finish the course, you can watch it again as many times as you want. Access is unlimited you can watch them over and over again. You will have advice for 30 days after the course. 


Share knowledge


Expose your doubts, ask for feedback, provide solutions. Share your learning with the rest of the students in the community.


Creative community


Global Tattoo Academy is the ideal environment to share and learn what you are passionate about


Professionally produced courses


We select the best artists, and a professional team produces the course with them. The result: you will feel like you are working hand in hand with the best.

Big changes are coming  




Advanced tattoo course. (limited places)

Payment to attend our online course. Including 30 days of support to correct mistakes and improve your techniques.

400,00 €

250,00 €

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