Global Tattoo Awards 2023

🌟 Excitement in the air! Introducing our prestigious international jury for the 10th edition of the Global Tattoo Awards. 🏆✨ We are more than honored to have these world-renowned artists evaluate and recognize excellence in the art of tattooing. 🖋️ Meet our distinguished judges:
Eliot Kohek | Julian Sibert | Silvano Fiato
Each of them brings their unique experience and vision to the world of tattooing, and these are the choices they made for our deserving winners.



Awards for Artists

10 years of recognizing artists' work

The Global Tattoo Awards, international and annual artistic awards, are held yearly to showcase emerging and established talents of any age, gender, or nationality.

Since its creation in 2012, Global Tattoo Awards has aimed to initiate or strengthen international artists' careers by providing them with a solid reference that they can add to their careers.

Each year, we have a jury composed of 3 tattoo artists of the highest level and renown.

Winners of the tenth edition

Best of magazine

Artist: Holy Tomo

Best Composition

First Place | Nenad Brakocevic

Second Place | Jim Leclerc

Third Place | Julia Penza

Black & Grey

First Place | Filip Korcek

Second Place | Leonardo Gonzalez

Third Place | Piotr Banasiak

Black Work

First Place | Nicolai Venø

Second Place | Marco Cino

Third Place | John Brass


First Place | Kenneth Shaw

Second Place | Veda Wildfire

Third Place | Vladislav Shetikov


First Place | Magdalena Hipner

Second Place | Cynthia Köhl

Third Place |

Fine Line

First Place | Mikhail Nechaev

Second Place | Fio Bonafiglia

Third Place | MaJo Preece


First Place

Second Place | Tomasz Souba

Third Place | Jessica Najem

Initiation (Less than 3 years tattooing)

Viviane Simao